[Séminaire CREM] Séminaire des doctorants du CREM à Caen

Présentation de Maimouna Gaye

[Séminaire CREM] Séminaire des doctorants du CREM à Caen
Lundi 27 juin, 14h00
UFR SEGGAT - MRSH - Université de Caen Normandie

* _Status and inequality aversion : the impact of of cross-sectional opportunities versus internal advantages on quit behaviour._ **Maimouna Gaye**, co-écrit avec Ambra Poggi **Abstract :** We study the determinants of worker resignations. We investigate whether and/or how the probability of workers quitting depends, on the one hand, on the trade-off between cross-sectional job opportunities in terms of wages versus current opportunities and, on the other hand, on the benefits of changing non-monetary rewards. Using a panel dataset of German workers, we find evidence that workers who consider an opportunity to earn a higher wage outside their current job have a significant increase in the probability of quitting their job. On the other hand, people whose job gives them more leisure time have a higher propensity to stay in their job, while those who feel they have good health do not report a higher probability of staying in their job. The results suggest that status considerations as well as aversion to inequality are important.