Workshop Transformations in Co-operative Governance

Workshop Transformations in Co-operative Governance co-organized by the CREM and SMART-LERECO.


CREM, Université de Rennes 1 and SMART-LERECO, AGROCAMPUS OUEST and INRAE (France) organize a workshop « Transformations in Cooperative Governance » with the Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan (Canada), the Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork (Ireland) and the CRISES - Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales (Canada)

This workshop will gather scholars from the social sciences (economics, management, law, sociology, and political sciences) to explore the dilemma between growth and values--what we call the co-operation tragedy. Two research areas will be investigated:

  1. the diversity of growth strategies to better understand the drivers, objectives and safeguards of co-operative values and principles.
  2. the circumstances under which co-operatives can avoid the co-operation tragedy by linking the search for scale economies with value safeguards.

Both theoretical and empirical submissions are welcome.


Keynote speaker : Avner BEN-NER

Detailed program to come


Email us: cooperatives2020atgroupes [dot] renater [dot] fr

Simon Cornée
Damien Rousselière
Sabine Duvaleix-Tréguer