Workshop Individual Choice and Freedom

Premier Workshop de l'ANR VALFREE - Assessing the value of freedom: an experimental approach


ws_17-03-27_prog_Valfree - (102.24 Ko)

Monday 27 : Individual choice, attention and freedom

  • 14h-15h : Joerg Weber (University of Nottingham)
    Assessing choice overload in a complex environment
    (with C. Starmer and R. Cubitt)
  • 15h-16h : Fabrice Le Lec (University of Paris 1)
    Choice or information overload ?
    (with M. Lumeau and B. Tarroux)
  • 16h-16h30 : Coffee break
  • 16h30-17h30 : Paolo Crosetto (CNRS GAEL)
    Choosing whether to compete : Do firms collude in maintaining consumer confusion ?
    (with A. Gaudeul)

Tuesday 28 : Attitudes toward freedom

  • 9h-10h : Joao V. Ferreira (Aix-Marseille University)
    On the Roots of the Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights : Evidence from France and Japan
    (with N. Hanaki and B. Tarroux)
  • 10h-11h : Benoît Tarroux (University of Rennes 1)
    On attitude toward choice : Some experimental evidence of choice aversion
    (with F. Le Lec)
  • 11h-12h : Coffee and Open Discussion