Séminaire Eat and Think - Kévin Flamme

"Agility-Management and the Body in Professional Modeling Industry : a Lacanian Perspective"

Kévin Flamme, Maître de conférence - Faculté d’économie-Gestion de l’Université catholique de l'Ouest, présentera ses travaux.
Ses principaux thèmes de recherche portent sur le phénomène d’émancipation et ses différents niveaux : individuel, organisationnel, méthodologique.
A ce séminaire, Kévin Flamme présentera l’une de ses recherches intitulée "Agility-Management and the Body in Professional Modeling Industry : a Lacanian Perspective".

Abstract: While management studies and CMS (Critical Management Studies) have been largely concerned with the issues of identity regulation for nearly thirty years, there is still a need to deepen our understanding of the dynamics between the three dimensions of this regulation (cognitive, emotional and physical). The case of professional male modeling allows us to question the effects of 'agility-management' dimensions upon identities and the feeling of being authentic. Management practices encourage agents to be authentic in their work (role-playing workshops, post-bureaucratic programs, injunctions to lie etc.). From a Lacanian perspective, we examine the effects of such practices unto identites. These practices allow the devlopment of infantilization logics, loss of meaning and depersonalization. Models are alienated to the imperative of jouissance, stemming from the super-ego, because of the structurally induced alienation of their desire into the desire of the other. They are in the process of identification, summoned by the public gaze to represent an authentic self in their bodies. Their jouissance (affect) is conditioned by the gaze, and live it authentically in their bodies from a phenomenological point of view. However, the consequences of the closed circuit of jouissance onto subjectivities are numerous.