"Establishment Survival in the Environmental Goods and Services Sector in Germany"

Présentation de Cilem Selin Hazir (GREDEG, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis)

Cilem Selin Hazir présentera l'article "Establishment Survival in the Environmental Goods and Services Sector in Germany".

Abstract :
The emergence and spread of environmental goods and services in the economy is generally considered as a structural change in production patterns towards protecting the environment and preserving the natural capital. This paper addresses this change through a spatial lens, and by focusing on survival of new environmental activities. It uses establishment level data on environmental activities of firms in Germany, and tries answering why some production units stop their environmental activities, and whether or not different types of agglomeration economies play a role in this process. To answer these questions, on the theoretical side it bases mainly on the Industry Dynamics and Economic Geography literature. Whereas on the empirical side, it makes use of survival analysis, and involves two steps. First, using data on establishments in Germany that started to undertake environmental activities during 2006-2014 period, a discrete time Cox model is specified to study factors affecting their survival in EGSS. Second, a subset of this sample, which covers manufacturing establishments having more than 20 employees is brought into focus, to explore the transformation in production patterns of manufacturing incumbents.