Project : SETTEEC

Entrepreunarial and Territorial System for Energy Transition and Circular Economy project (SETTEEC)



The SETTEEC Project (Entrepreunarial and Territorial System for Energy Transition and Circular Economy project) aims to study economics and social impacts of new energy systems on Normandie territories, understand interplay among actors (public, private, citizen) of theses systems in order to better federate,  identifying development opportunities from mobilisable wealth on Normand's territory. 

The project aims to build an enconomic and territorial intelligence tool, to serve the circular economy and the energy transition from three viewpoints :
  1. Study structuration degree and synergy potential beetwen actors to reinforce green segments competitiveness.
  2. Analyze their socio-economic and territorial impacts.
  3. Understand determinants of business creation in the green energy sector, and the reasons of their performance and growth.
  • Project lead : Sébastien Bourdin (Laboratoire Métis, Institut du Développement Territorial, EM Normandie).
  • Scientific university leader : Jean Bonnet (CREM CNRS, Université de Caen Normandie.
  • Two teaching-researchers : 

  • Two doctoral students :
    • Ferdaous ROUSSAFI, prizewinner of the recruitement contest 2014 organized by EGN, benefits now of a doctoral contract with Université de Caen, to complete his research on "Territorialisation of Renewable Energy".
    • Malia KEDJAR , benefits from doctoral contract of Université de Caen to complete his research at the CREM on « Energy prize, environmental policy and development of eco-innovative sectors ». This contract is financed by the Région Normandie since september 2015 (after a regional contest).
  • A postoc : Issaka DIALGA, recruited on the project for 24 months,
  • a project engineer : Walidou DIALLO, recruited on the project for 12 months.

EM Normandie Team :

Project RIN (Réseau(x) d’Intérêts Normand(s)) with the de Normandy's school of management,  named SETTEEC (Entrepreunarial and Territorial System for Energy Transition and Circular Economy project)
Duration : 2017-2019
Budget : 304 352,54