Mapping Entrepreneurial Cognition: Methodological Review and Illustration

Présentation de Nabil Khelil (CREM, Université de Caen Normandie)

2017-06-19_Seminaire Caen

Abstract :
Despite the growing interest in entrepreneurial cognition, much of the existing research has developed in isolation from the literature on cognitive maps. Consequently, cognitive mapping tools that are widely used in more established disciplines—such as organization behaviors and strategic management—have not yet been applied to elicit entrepreneurs' cognition. Based on the complementarity between causal maps and structural analysis, this paper outlines a renewed approach that both overcomes the methodological problems of cognitive mapping and expends entrepreneurial cognition's toolbox. An example of the cognitive mapping of a failing entrepreneur serves as an illustration. 

Mots-clés :
entrepreneurial cognition; cognitive map; qualitative methods