Intergroup Inequality and the Breakdown of Prosociality

Présentation de Rustam Romaniuc (LEM, ETHICS, Université Catholique de Lille)


Jeudi 31 mai 2018 de 14h00 à 15h15, dans le cadre du workshop en économie expérimentale organisé par le pôle RRC, nous recevons Rustam Romaniuc (LEM, ETHICS, Université Catholique de Lille) qui nous présente une recherche intitulée : "Intergroup Inequality and the Breakdown of Prosociality", en collaboration avec Dimitri Dubois, Gregory De Angelo, Bryan C. Mc Cannon, dont voici l'abstract :

Abstract :
"Each year about 60 million people flee their home country and seek to cross into developed countries, thus urging the latter to develop different policy responses to face the growing concerns about how immigration may affect social order. We design a novel two-part public goods experiment with radical income asymmetry between groups to investigates how voting on (not) helping less endowed others affects pro-social behavior in the voting groups.We find that the majority of groups always refuse to helpless-endowed ones. This,in turn, results in a breakdown of prosociality within the voting groups.We study the reasons why the implementation o fvoting – compared to no voting or to imposed solidarity – results in a significant, negative impact on cooperation levels within the voting groups."