Foreign Inventors in the US and EU15: Diversity and Productivity

Séminaire avec Francesco Lissoni ANNULÉ


Francesco Lissoni (GREThA, Université de Bordeaux, & CRIOS - Bocconi University)
En collaboration avec Edoardo Ferrucci (GREThA, Université de Bordeaux, Université de Turin)

Abstract: We explore the migrant inventors' contribution to patenting in the US and in EU15 countries, from 1990 to 2010. Based on a large sample of patent applications at the EPO, whose inventor teams reside entirely in the countries of interest, we first find that the teams' composition by nationality of the inventors is not random, and exhibits homophily. We find foreign inventors'presence in teams to be associated to higher patent quality, possibly because of skill-based self-selection but also and especially because of increased team diversity. This result holds particularly for Europe. Instrumental variable analysis suggests causality to run at least in part from the inventors' migration status and diversity to patent quality.

JEL Classification: F22, J24, O31, O34
Keywords: International migration, Diversity, Inventive activity

Download: 2017-11-16_Ferrucci-Lissoni.pdf