24 octobre 2011 - Workshop Individual Organization (OI) and Public Policy

Lundi 24 octobre 2011
Faculté des Sciences économiques de l’Université de Rennes 1
Amphi Henri Krier

Organisé par Thierry Pénard de l’équipe économie industrielle du CREM
Ce workshop a eu pour objectif de présenter des travaux de recherche avancés en économie industrielle autour de quatre questions de politique publique : les politiques de la concurrence, les politiques numériques, les politiques d’innovation et les politiques de propriété intellectuelle. A travers les différentes présentations, la discussion a porté sur l’intérêt de l’économie industrielle pour évaluer et repenser ces politiques publiques.

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Session : IO and Antitrust Policy (Amphi Krier)

  • Joeffrey Drouard (CREM, Rennes 1)
    « Winning Back Customers through Targeted offers : the Role of Customer Specific Information »
    In this paper, we provide a model for analyzing winback strategies. In our model, we consider a market composed of an incumbent and a potential entrant, and where price competition is analyzed for two periods. First, firms compete in prices. Second, …firms can contact consumers of their competitor and offer them specific discounts in order to incitate them to switch. We assume that the incumbent controls and has access to customer-specific information. This set of information facilitates price discrimination through targeted offers. We show that if the use of winback strategies does not affect entry (1) consumer surplus is higher when firms are allowed to use such strategies and (2) consumer surplus is higher if the incumbent is obliged to share its customer specific information only if this information does not allow too accurate price discriminatory offers in favor of competitors’ customers.
  • Eric Avene (CREM, Rennes 1)
    « Suppliers’ merger and consumers’ welfare »
    Session IO and Digital Policy (Amphi Krier)
  • Eric Darmon (CREM, Rennes 1) et Thierry Pénard (CREM, Rennes 1)
    « To Sponsor or Not to Sponsor : Sponsored Search Auctions with Organic Links and Firm Dependent Click-Through Rates »
  • Michael Zhang (Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology)
    « Social Bias in Online Product Ratings »

Session IO and Intellectual Property (Amphi Krier)

  • François Moreau (ICI, UBO)
    « Copyright Infringement in the Music industry : Are Artists Homo Oeconomicus ? »
  • Béatrice Dumont (CEPN, Paris 13)
    « Patent rating : the case of wind power »

Session IO and Innovation Policy (Salle des Actes)

  • Raphael Suire (CREM, Rennes 1)
    « Clusters for Life or Life Cycles of Clusters : In Search of the Critical Factors of Cluster Resilience »
  • Thomas Le Texier (CREM, Rennes 1)
    « Hybrid’ competition, innovation outcomes and regulation : A duopoly model »