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10-12 juin - Summer School “Social Interactions and Urban Segregation”


ANR “Social Interactions, Stratification and Inequality”
(ANR 12-INEG-0002)


The research project “Social Interactions, Stratification and Inequality” (ANR-12-INEG-0002) benefits from the funding of the ANR program “Métamorphoses des societés : Inégalités-inégalité” for the period 2013-2015.

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Over the last decade, developments in both behavioral economics and network theory have offered new models of social interactions. These theories allow to better understand the role of peer influence and externalities in urban segregation and inequality. This Summer School was devoted to the study of the recent advances in these fields. Two leading researchers were invited. Roland Bénabou has delivered a 6 hour lecture on his works on the determinants of pro-social behavior. The second day was dedicated to the presentations of the participants on their own papers. On the last day, Yves Zenou gave a 6 hour lecture on his research on social networks and urban segregation.




Day 1 - Tuesday, June 10th,

Three lectures by Roland Bénabou (Princeton University)
Economic Incentives, Social Norms and Social Beliefs


Day 2 - Wednesday June 11th
13:30 - Meeting of the ANR group

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