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Organisatrice : Rozenn Perrigot

ARCHIVES 2012-2013

mardi 14 mai 2013 - Marketing - 12h30 - Salle du Conseil - IGR/IAE

Organisé par Rozenn Perrigot
Intervenant Anna Watson - Reader in Marketing à University of Hertfordshire (UK)
Titre / Title When do franchisors select entrepreneurial franchisees ? An organizational identity perspective
Abstract / Résumé «  In spite of the acknowledged importance of the franchisee selection process only a few empirical studies have examined this research area. This paper employs organizational identity theory to explain when the franchisor desires to specifically select franchisees that have the potential for entrepreneurial behavior. The results revealed that systems that select entrepreneurial franchisees are those that have entrepreneurial values as part of their organizational identity. These are reflected in the different forms of franchisor support systems for willingly endorsing and promoting franchisee entrepreneurial behaviors, notably franchisor managerial support, franchisor structural support and franchisor institutionalized support. Additionally, we found that the extent of the alignment (congruence) of franchisor management support for entrepreneurial values and entrepreneurial franchisee selection has a significant positive influence on franchise system performance.  »

mardi 27 novembre 2012 - Marketing - 12h45 - Amphi 2 - IGR/IAE

Organisé par Rozenn Perrigot
Intervenant Evelien Croonen - Université de Groningen, Pays-Bas
Titre / Title What Makes Franchisees Trust their Franchisors ? An Empirical Study